Student Evaluation Highlights

Spring 2017 – Contemporary Literature: “Alternatives to Realism”

“All English in HS was boring for me, made reading not fun, beat a book to death until I hated it. This class made me want to read and rediscovered my love for literature. THANK YOU for an amazing class!!!!”

“I LOVED MR. LOTA. One of my favorite professors I’ve ever had. Always available for his students … Clearly VERY excited about and has a great love for literature and the content of the course. Clearly wanted all his students to succeed and did his best to make that happen.”

“I’ve always liked to read on my own time and I never liked analyzing literature in high school. However, this class taught me how fun it can be to discuss works and learn from each other and collectively figure out the meaning of something. Professor Lota is a great instructor and because of him I’m thinking about taking another literature class!”

“Mr. Lota was very approachable and friendly. He was very good at helping guide discussions with the class, and working one on one with me when ever I needed help.”

“I greatly enjoyed the structure of the class. I think it allows fair participation for everyone. The time for small group discussion gave quieter students a chance to express ideas and communicate well with other class members.”

“I’ve never taken a literature class in college so the lack of structure was weird to me at first, but I grew to like the discussion based class and I like how Professor Lota emphasizes that there are no wrong or bad ideas, that every piece of literature can be interpreted in multiple different ways.”

“Mr. Lota is super accessible outside of class. He shows great enthusiasm both for literature and the class. He offers and recommends meeting with him before we start writing the papers, which I think helped my paper writing by a great deal.”

“I didn’t really know what to expect from a literature course, but I immensely enjoyed this course.”

Spring 2016 – Film Analysis

“Kenneth Lota is an excellent instructor who balances and manages discussion time well while also showing a great knowledge and
interest in the subject.”

“Kenneth has been an absolutely fantastic TA. He has fostered an environment where everyone feels comfortable sharing their opinion, and one where all of us have been able to bond over the material presented in class.”

“The class was great. This has been my favorite class at UNC so far and I’m a upcoming junior.”

“Kenneth is one of the best TA’s i have ever had. He used leading questions and statements to foster discussion better than any TA. There was never a dull moment in the discussion.”

“Kenneth was incredibly approachable and very easy to talk with. He led discussions efficiently and asked questions which effectively
engaged students. I would recommend only that he keeps up the awesome work.”

“Friendly while also being a great mentor and speaker. He let us basically control the discussion and had fun, but kept us on topic.”

“Kenneth was dope, he was a great TA and was very helpful.”

“Kenneth is the bomb.”

Fall 2016 – Rhetoric and Composition

“This class has taught me much more about the writing process. The process of composing a draft, receiving recommendations, and making edits is a new one to me, and I have found it very helpful. This process has increased the quality of my writing. I am used to writing essays quickly and without much review, and this is much better.”

“Mr. Lota was very good at creating exercises that prepared us to complete assignments. At first, I was very unconfident in my ability to give an oral presentation. Now that I have taken the class, I feel a lot more comfortable giving oral presentation. However, I’m most confident in my writing ability. I believe that I will be able to do well in college after learning to write in this class.”

“His class activities were engaging and great for active learning. He taught us using examples from other students. I found this to be very effective because we would identify what was good and what was bad about essays. He was effective in his teaching ability and made me feel like I was in a safe environment to learn.”

“Mr. Lota is a very effective and knowledgeable instructor. He knows his stuff and he knows how to teach them to us. His passion for movies left a profound impact on me and helped me adopt a new perspective when looking at this form of art which I overlooked before.”

” It was a great experience and I would most definitely take a class with him again in the future!”