Syllabus Design Group

In 2017, a group of PhD candidates from the department of English and Comparative Literature at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill–Mary Learner, Anneke Schwob, Rae Yan, and myself–began developing a collection of syllabi for undergraduate courses related to literature. Their goal in collecting as a “Syllabus Design Group” was to make time to design experimental courses and give/receive feedback on these courses. Meeting every 2 weeks, the Syllabus Design Group has shared syllabi for undergraduate and graduate courses as diverse as “Shakespeare and His Contemporaries”; “Anatomy of 19th-Century British Literature and Science”; “Where Is America?”; and “Satire in 20th and 21st Century African-American Literature and Culture.”

All the syllabi produced for the Syllabus Design Group have attempted to push pedagogical norms, whether that is through developing active learning assignments, expanding beyond traditional literary canons, or considering the materiality of texts and their digital mediations.

Notice for Use:

I have designed these syllabi for my own courses, but if you would like to borrow parts and adapt them, please contact me at or comment on the site and let me know. If you have suggestions for how to improve the syllabi, I am interested in hearing that feedback as well.